1. parsonfox: disturbing. primitive. good.  it sounds like something from Athens.

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  2. I LOVE CREEDANCE - Casiotone For The Painfully Alone Cover

    cftpa is now no more but you can find owen ashworth here:

    i highly suggest you look both projects up asap and spend some money on an album or two.


  3. likeanantinspace: frdnndsprnza:

    THE BIG PICTURE - Bright Eyes Cover

    The big picture, Bright Eyes cover. Really enjoyed listening to this version :)

    Keep it up frdnndsprnza !!!!

    i can’t get over how nice you people are xo

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  4. PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM ft Jesse Davis of Fearless Beasts

    (AM) swear there were days when you wanted me
    (E) kids playing make believe
    (AM) coming home when the lights came (E) on

    (AM) there was a bird in your tree that night
    (E) oh he sang til the mornings light
    (AM) I knew it was him not me
    (AM) who made your heart beat so (E) fast

    (F) face it we won’t last
    (G) i touched your skin before my eyes my life did (E)pass

    (AM) followed you on freeways straight and dark
    (E) til we found the cabin at the heart
    (AM) of the park south of saint (E) paul

    (F) and we waited for the sky to (E) fall
    (AM) play it again , (E) sam i’ve seen it (AM) all

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  5. OPTIMIST VS THE SILENT ALARM - Casiotone For The Painfully Alone Cover


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  6. doremia said: thanks for following me! and goodness your voice is like heaven

    you’re welcome! and thanks that’s sweet of you to say xoxo


  7. snav-essor said: Your Casiotone cover is to die for!

    hey thanks!


  8. m0nster-man-deactivated20140212 said: Holey moley! I'm so frustrated I didn't follow you earlier! I was scrolling thru my followers and didn't recognize your url so I decided to check you out and BAM! You and you're amazing voice knock me off my feet! Any cover you post, Ill 4ever reblog

    aw thank you so much! thanks for taking the time to listen. i appreciate it :)



    please excuse furturama.


  10. jcopemusic said: Cheers for the follow! Just got round to checking out your Tumblr, great voice! And I really like your Gaslight Anthem cover! :)

    thanks for taking the time to check it out! brian fallon is one of my top favorite songwriters ever. xo


  11. likeanantinspace said: Just listening to your bright eyes cover, very nice :)

    thanks! it’s one of my absolute favorite songs. xo


  12. eclecticpassion said: You have a beautiful voice!

    thank you and thanks for listening! xo


  13. the-crestfallen-fool said: Do you have a soundcloud, love? So i can follow your awesome music :3

    yep just look me up! ferdinand speranza!


  14. THE BIG PICTURE - Bright Eyes Cover


  15. justanothernumb3r said: I just messaged you but after listening to your cover of I Love Creedance I was blown away and had to throw on even more compliments. Keep making music, your voice is haunting and beautiful and I am absolutely impressed and amazed! I could listen to you sing for hours :)

    you’re really brightening a not-so-good day for me. that’s very sweet of you to say :) xo